Friday, March 6, 2015

03-02 I testify that Jesus Christ lived and died for us...

Hey Everyone,
This week was awesome!  I felt the Spirit a lot and we had a bunch of meaningful lessons.
I can't believe it was my last full week.  This week I'll only be in my area until Thursday.  After that I'll be with Elder Potts from my group and we have interviews and a meeting and a temple trip until you guys get here on Monday.

Yesterday it made me super sad thinking about how little time I have left here.  I really love Bolivia and the people I've met, and being a missionary.  It's been an incredible experience and even though I'm excited to get back home and see family and friends and get back into working and studying and regular life, leaving this country is going to be terribly hard.

In the meantime we're getting done all that we can in the area before I leave.  This week Kevin and Denilson were both called as ward mission leaders.

with Cristian
We had a great lesson with Diego early this week.  He finally has his answer that this is the true church.  He  has decided to be baptized on March 14th.  I was so excited when he told us that.  He shared with us a little bit about how he'd been going through some rough times and that the church showing up in his life has helped a lot.

Cristian is still excited for his own baptism as well.  He actually went with us to a couple of appointments on Saturday.  One was Maria (Samuel's mom) and he shared his own experience about receiving a testimony and also how it's blessed his life.  It was incredible.  Maria and Samuel came to church for the first time in over a month yesterday.

Saturday afternoon we went with Diego, Cristian, and Kevin to eat pique macho and then started a fast all together.  It was there first time for all 3 of them but they all made it without eating until the end.  Definitely my favorite fast of the mission.  I felt the Spirit and recognized that I was feeling it nearly the entire time we fasted.

We held an activity on Wednesday night for members and nonmembers to get to know each other.  It was a 15 minute spiritual message and then games for big groups.  We had almost 100  people come.  We have an increasing presence from the Pablo Cano Jr. class.  At the activity we had 11 of them (all young men), about half and half members and investigators.  All but one of them came to church on Sunday too.

This will probably be my last letter home. 

I know that this is the true church.  I know that the Book of Mormon was written by prophets called of God.  I know God hears our prayers and loves us.  I've seen things seemingly impossible brought about by the power of prayer.  I know that living the gospel is the only way to truly enjoy our time here on Earth.  I testify that Jesus Christ lived and died for us and prepared a way for us to live forever in God's presence.  How grateful I am for all that my God and Savior have done and do for me.
Elder Howlett