Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2013-03-27 Reporting to the Lima, Peru Missionary Training Center


So, today was the big day.  We left for the airport at about 7:30 am.  Steven's flight left at 10:20 am and connected through LAX to Peru.  It's 9:00 pm as I'm writing this and he's STILL on a plane (in a middle seat!). 

Yesterday, as we were frantically finishing up last minute preparations, Steven's friend, Jenny, came up from Provo to show him a slideshow of photos she had taken of him and his "Provo friends" the last time they were all together.  Another friend, Miranda also came up to say "goodbye" and Sam C. was here, too. 

This morning before we left, Jarrett, Sam, and Connor and Serena and Angelica came over to say "goodbye" too.  They had tried to get Steven breakfast from Kneaders, but had to settle for McDonald's since it was the only thing open that early.

John dropped Steven and me off to check in.  I collected lots of hugs (but not enough to last 2 years!) and stayed to watch Steven through security. 

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  1. So excited for Steven to be embarking on this GRAND ADVENTURE. He is going to be such an AWESOME missionary!!!


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