Monday, May 27, 2013

2013-05-27 Elder Howlett's first baptism

 Hey everybody,
I’m sending a lot of pictures since the computer actually works here, so the letter is going to be shorter. 
Hermana Veronica.  First baptism of someone I actually helped teach.  It was really exciting to see her accept the gospel.  She has had a crazy rough life and it is great to see how the gospel has changed it.  It helped me realize that righteous living not only will bless us in the life to come but also in this life, no matter our circumstances.  (Her dad is who we did the house building service for.)

Building the house as a service project way up in the mountains
was one of my favorite experiences of the mission so far.
This week I learned to understand a quote from one of the apostles that I hadn’t understood very  well before my mission.  The quote is, “A testimony is to be found in the bearing of it.”  Now that I’m on my mission and have the opportunity to bear my testimony many times every day, I know what it means.  I can frequently feel the Spirit testify to me that what I’m saying is true--pretty awesome.
It’s also incredible how we find new investigators.  We just happen into them all of the time.
Sorry this is so short but I love you all!
Elder Howlett

having a snack at the old adobe house with a tin roof during the rain
The BBQ was good (hamburgers) we played mafia after.
It is a lot of fun to talk with the other Americans I know from the MTC.
playing futsol--Elder Howlett scored 2 points

I love when it rains here.  It has rained a good amount this week too.  
Everyone here is freezing because of the rain but I think it feels really good.

The clouds look really cool here a lot.

clouds from roof where BBQ was held
The cholitas have herds of sheep wandering everywhere.
We just walk through the middle when they are in the path.
pigs--less of them than sheep, but still plenty
There are animals everywhere.  The house where I live has ducks, chickens, dogs, and cats. Lots of people have geese too.  I haven’t seen llamas yet but I know they are around because Elder Crenckshaw had one chase him in the area next to ours.

Kittens at a recent convert's house.  Their names are Runto and something else.
We visit them 1 or 2 times per week and one of the kids always brings me the kittens to hold.
First time doing laundry.  Elder Chavez taught me.  It takes forever to do it by hand. 
 It’s really no fun at all and not going to be something I’ll miss about Bolivia.
Elder Howlett thought to explain that Elder Chavez's face is covered in chocolate--he neglected
to explain WHY?!

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