Monday, February 17, 2014

2014-02-17 [She] seemed excited to see us which I thought was weird.

Hey Everyone,

I had another good week here in Los Alamos.

We went with the ward to the temple on Wednesday because it was Liam Parra´s (my first baptism in this area) first time going to do baptisms.  I love the baptistry here in Cochabamba.  It really made me miss going to the Draper temple to do baptisms every week.  

Going to the temple is very important.  Everyone should go as often as they can.  I love how being in the temple feels.  I love the Spirit that is there.  In the temple it is easy to forget the worries and concerns of your life and just think about things that matter and feel the peace that the Holy Ghost brings.  Being there strengthens you, regular temple attendance keeps you from making dumb mistakes.  It is enjoyable and you always leave feeling good.  I don't understand why people don't go more often.

I don't remember if I've talked about Elvis but he's one of Gerardo's friends who Gerardo took me to visit about a month ago.  The first and 2nd lessons with him went very well, but then we didn't see him for a while. This week we went by his house to see if he was there and he wasn't.  His mom was though, and seemed excited to see us which I thought was weird.  She let us in and we talked for almost an hour.  She told us that she's having a lot of trouble with her son and that she'd remembered us from a month ago and had just thought the day before that she wanted to try and get in contact with us again.  She wants us to come and teach her and her son together.

I also don't remember if I've said anything about Katerine either.  She was a youth we found knocking doors about a month ago too.  We taught her the first lesson in the door but we'd gone by a ton of times since then and no one ever answers the door.  This week when we knocked, her mom answered.  Her mom told us she had listened to the missionaries about a month ago which I don't really understand since I wasn't the missionary who has talked to her.  She let us come in though, and we had a great first lesson and she wants us to teach her whole family together tomorrow.  

We had a good lesson with Irene and her family this week and we finally put baptismal dates with them.  

Cambios are on Sunday so I'm a little nervous about that.  I don't want to leave yet.  I think its 50-50 that I go or stay. 

The rain seems to be letting up a little this week. There were a couple of days when it didn't rain at all.  Last night there was a huge storm though.  You could hear almost nonstop thunder and it was the heaviest rain I've ever seen.

I made funeral potatoes at our pension one night this week.  It actually didn't turn out that great because the potatoes were still kind of raw.  It was good anyway though.

I'm excited to go to Disneyland with my family when I get back.  I miss you and love you. 

Elder Howlett

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