Monday, April 14, 2014

2014-04-14 It was a nice parrot that didn't bite us.

Hey everyone,
me at the door that say warning: Mormons prohibited
This was another great week.  Things are going really well with Savino and we found a couple other new families who we are teaching.

This week when we went to visit Savino he told us, "I want to be a Mormon, how soon can I get baptized?"  I told him in 3 weeks if he comes to church every Sunday.  He came to church yesterday and is very excited.  He is going to try and get his dad to listen to us too because he wants him to get baptized too.  He also wants to go with us to visit other people and he wants to introduce us to a couple of his friends this week.  He's been getting along really well with his dad this week too.
my favorite soup (not really)

Besides him, we had 7 other investigators at church which is the most I've had in Potosì.

Weather here in Potosì is absolutely crazy, it hails all the time.  It's hot when there is sun and cold when there isn't.

One of the families we found is Lydia who lives with her 2 grandsons, Oscar and Jhonatan.  Jhonatan has a parrot and he let us play with it.  It was a nice parrot that didn't bite us.  The grandma is great and very excited to be listening to us.  She has 2 kids who were baptized like 10 years ago but don't live close by.  The first time we talked to them she let us come inside and sit down in their little cement room.  Teaching them reminds me a lot of teaching Julia and her grandkids in Villa Graciela.
me with Timon the parrot and Jhonatan the investigator. (he's wearing an oba mao shirt)
It's going really great with the Benavidez family (Jhamil's family).  Jhamil, Jose and Anai all came to church for the 4th week in a row.  Jhamil did visits all afternoon and evening on Saturday and Sunday with us so we could do divisions because we had too many appointments.  His sister, Anai, is also coming to all of her church stuff and wants to go with us to do visits.  She came with us on Sunday and when we finished, she asked if I could give her one of each of the 6 pamphlets so she can read them and be able to help teach next time.  We just need to get their Aunt Sulma active.  She came to conference the past week but hasn't come to church in several weeks.

On Elder Alarcon´s birthday we made salchipapa for breakfast.  French fries with fried sausage and a fried egg.  It was really good.  Then we smashed a dozen eggs on his head and threw flour on him because that's what you do here.  It made the house smell terrible though.

We found another family of 5 this week too.  They are great--a mom, Benedicta, her 3 kids, Wendy, Suzana, and Christian, and her niece, Maria.  They also always let us into the house when we come.  We taught them 3 times this week.  They were all supposed to come on Sunday but only Suzana and Maria came.  I guess the mom had gone to visit her sister way out in the middle of nowhere.  The 2 girls were 10 minutes early to church which never happens here.  It's pretty crazy how late everyone always is.  Activities normally start about 45 minutes to an hour late.  I really like teaching that family.  Their house consists of 3 concrete rooms and they have one light bulb on a really long cord that they just move to whatever room they need to see in.  Christian is 9 and loves me even though I don't really know why.  He gives me a huge hug every time we see him and when we come to teach he always saves me a spot next to him on the bed to sit.

my area
I feel like my Spanish has been really good this week.

Also I did get your Easter package, thanks.

Anyone never prayed to be sure that the church is true?  If so, today would definitely be a good day to do that. 

Elder Howlett

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