Tuesday, July 22, 2014

2014-07-21 I don't think I've worn a seat belt since I got here.

Hey Everyone,
Well right now I'm in Cochabamba.  It was a surprise for me--they called me 2 days ago to tell me I was going to need to travel to get some visa work done.  Last night at 8:30 we left on a bus.  That was pretty awful.  Also a couple hours outside of Cocha still we ran out of gas!  I do not understand how that happened.  Then it took 3 hours of us just sitting on the road for someone to bring us gas.  That was not much fun but we got into Cocha about 10 this morning and went straight to immigrations to renew our visas (3 of us came from Potosì). Anyway now I'm in Cochabamba and it's P-day and I'm going to go visit the Carbalho family (Junior and Mercedes and Fernanda and Isabel).  I'm pretty excited about that and the weather is really nice here.  I'm going to see Elder Severiano today too.
Family Home Evening with the Barrios
making Mickey pancakes at FHE
We had a great FHE with the Barrios on Monday and then on Saturday they moved.  They moved out of the ward which made me pretty sad but at least they waited until I've probably only got 3 weeks left in Potosì. Not as sad as it made Manuel though, he was not at all happy about moving. They are doing really well. They all come to church every week and Valeria, Carmen's cousin, is getting baptized on Saturday.

Last p-day we played more soccer and that was really fun.  I've definitely gotten a lot better since I've been here in Potosì.

I don't think I've worn a seat belt since I got here.  They don't really exist here in Bolivia

church 10 minutes after starting time-- they finally started
with 4 missionaries, the bishop, and 3 other people
Sorry that my letter is short today.  I'm pressed on time since we got late to Cochabamba today.

It is incredibly important that we help others live the gospel but we can't do it unless we first are living the gospel.  Live how you should and then help others do the same.  The blessings we personally receive when we participate in our Heavenly Father´s work are amazing and there are people who will not make it to the exaltation without the support of a loving friend or family member.  God can work through you to save another one of his children.

I hope you guys have a great week and I hope you go to the temple.  You know that there are ordinances that can only be done there and are just as necessary for salvation as obedience to the commandments.

Elder Howlett

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