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2014-08-04 ...chapi...

Hey Everyone,
ready to go into the mine
This week was nuts.  They took the other 2 elders out of our ward and put in sister missionaries so we had to find a house for just 2 missionaries (before we lived all 4 together) and move before the end of the week. We did find a new place, kind of chapi (Bolivian equivalent of saying ghetto or junky) though.  It's way colder in the new house, there is seriously almost no difference between outside and inside.  We taught way fewer lessons than normal since we spent a lot of time moving and looking for a house.  That was kind of a bummer.

To answer your questions,  Kevin is probably worse than before.  His very Catholic boss has been talking to him a lot and now he's very confused and not making much progress.  I don't doubt he'll get things figured out with a little bit of time though. 

Do I think I'll get transferred? Probably   Where do I think I would go?  I really don't know.  I'd like to be in Sucre before the end of my mission but I feel like I'm heading back to Cochabamba.

On Saturday we had an activity with all the missionaries in Potos√¨.   The idea was that lots of youth would come and we would go out in divisions to visit all of the less-active members in one of the wards.  The members failed us. Only one young man and maybe 4 women showed up.  We still did the activity with the branch presidency that was in charge.  I lucked out and the branch president sent me out with the only young man. Most of the missionaries just went with another missionary and a few went with the members of the presidency. It was pretty fun.  They gave us a list of 10 less-actives and we went out to look for them.  We found like 4 of the families.  I was with Gabriel who's 17 and is planning on leaving at the end of the year for his own mission. Chatting with him made me grateful for my own life again.  His parents are divorced and his mom has her own other family and he's had to move around a lot for his dad's job.  He's an awesome guy anyway though.

The activity was in Minero where Scott Schwarz served and I met the Orco family who he baptized.  They are doing awesome and Estevan Orco told me to tell Elder Schwarz "hi."

My lunch Pensionista and her daughter, Christina and Sole, say "hi" to you parents.

At church on Sunday 6 of the 7 recent converts were there.  Rodrigo, Valeria, Suzana, Erik, Pamela, and Claudia.  Just Jose Maria was missing.  Everyone's doing well.  Erik and Jose Maria are having the hardest time but really it's just that their job sometimes wants them to work on Sundays and they sometimes do.
almost half the missionaries in Potosi
Today we went to the mine.  It was really fun.  We'll have to go when you guys come.  The devil worshipping thing is kind of weird, we saw the tio statue where they sacrifice llamas and sometimes people. I really liked just walking around the tunnels.  Some parts are really tiny and we had to crawl.   Also they have a little train to move mineral and when you hear it coming you have to plaster yourself against the wall so you don't get smashed.  It's pretty crazy, they wouldn't let tourists in a place like that in the US.  Also the mine is massive.  If we didn't have the guide, I really don't think we ever could have found our way out.  There are so many tunnels that just twist in whatever direction.  We paid like 5 dollars apiece for a 3 hour tour. Our guide spoke English Spanish, Japanese, Quechua, and Portugueis and understands German.  Parts of the mine were super cold and other parts were super hot.

Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone.  You should read your Patriarchal Blessing after saying a prayer.  

Elder Howlett

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