Saturday, September 13, 2014

2014-09-08 I'm glad we acted on the prompting we had.

with Hermana Nely and family for Brittney's baptism
Hey Everyone,
This week flew by and was a lot a fun.
On Thursday we went to Kami again and we have one solid investigator there named Jaime.  He's probably almost 30 and single.  After that we walked to Collpapampa and started knocking doors. We had a lot of success there.  One family of 6 were all there and let us into their front lawn area and all sat and listened to us for almost an hour.  They were really nice and we are going back there on Wednesday.  We also met 4 or 5 other families in the 3ish hours we were there. The people there have less money and are more willing to let us visit them.  They are very loving and open.

On Friday I was in intercambios with Elder Johnson.  He's been in the mission for 3 weeks and is from Texas. That was a lot of fun and we had a successful day.  I think we taught 7 or 8 lessons which is more than normal. We went contacting way out in the middle of nowhere in the morning and we were kind of late and a long ways from our pension for lunch.  We were hurrying back when we walked by a house all on its own and felt like we should knock it.  We did even though we knew all we had time do is set up an appointment.  We met Liset and set up an appointment and when we went to the appointment on Sunday she was waiting with her sister for us. Her sister told us that she feels like she's fallen away from God a little but that she had a Mormon friend who's been talking to her a lot about the church recently.  Her friend had already explained a lot to them about the church.  They understood what we taught really well and accepted baptismal dates for the 18th of October.  They are very interested.  I'm glad we acted on the prompting we had.  God knows who's ready to talk to us.

This week we set baptismal dates with 8 new people.  That was really exciting.  

Bryan, who a 20-year-old member in the ward, went with us to do visits on Sunday.  I asked if he had done visits with the missionaries before and he said about 2 years ago.  It turns out he went out do visits with Elder Schwarz.
paintball with missionaries from Colcapirhua ward
This week was overcast and rainy which make proselyting really fun.

Luis Miguel is still doing well for his baptismal date on the 20th.  He went the week without coffee after we taught the Word of Wisdom.

Sorry that I didn't have too much to say this week.  Don't forget to pray every single day.  
Elder Howlett

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