Saturday, December 13, 2014

2014-12-08 mashed potatoes and gravy with turkey from a can

Hey Everyone,
This was a pretty good week.  It went by really quick.

We kinda celebrated Thanksgiving on Tuesday.  The sister missionaries in our ward made mashed potatoes and gravy with turkey from a can.  

Today we played futsol in the court at the church.  Last p-day we went and ate pique macho with Kevin and Ariel.  Kevin is doing really, really well church-wise.

This week the entire Valencia family came to church together.  The husband worked out an agreement with his company where he works a double shift on Saturday finishing at 7:00 am on Sunday and then doesn't have to work again until Monday. That agreement is sure for the rest of this year and he thinks he will be able to extend it next year too. We are still waiting on them to choose a marriage date but if they can get it done before year's end they are all excited to be baptized on January 3rd.

The Bustamante twins are still coming to church.

Sunday was the "Day of the Pedestrian" which means there were no cars.  That didn't help church attendance.

Gustavo got baptized.  I can't remember if I told you much about him.  He's 15 and was an investigator of the other elders in our ward.  Due to Elder Stuehser getting sick and some other odd circumstances, I've taught him quite a few times and I'd always see him at church.  He's a really nice kid.  His family came to church for all 3 hours yesterday too.  They have a 5-year-old daughter with leukemia so I think the church would be very good for them.

It is only 3 months until you guys come pick me up.  That's pretty crazy.

Yesterday we held a "Work of Salvation" training for the ward. The missionaries and ward mission leader spoke and we showed a few videos in an attempt to teach the ward the importance of all of us working together. We had 50ish people over 12 years old in attendance which was as good as we had hoped for. We made a big effort to try and get it to start on time and it started 35 minutes late which is better than normal but still crazy.  We confirmed with members beforehand if they were going to come and then starting 5 minutes after it was supposed to begin we called everyone who hadn't come yet which was everyone but about 8 people.  It makes it really hard to have activities here.

I'll try to figure when I'm gonna call for Christmas this week to let you know.  They gave us permission to choose Christmas or Christmas Eve this year.  I'm thinkin' that Christmas will probably be easier.

Don't forget to go the temple this week.  It's Christmastime so do something nice for someone.  Also you should do nice things for people during other times of the year.  Also, I'm missing the snow and cold weather, it has been so hot here I can hardly get to sleep.

Elder Howlett

P.S.  John 14:26

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