Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2013-06-17 ...random guys to walk around with guns at night

These signs are everywhere. They basically say, "Armed
Surveillance."  They make me feel protected and safe.

Neighborhoods hire random guys to walk around with guns at night.

Hey everyone,

This week the daughter of Veronica, who we baptized 3 weeks ago, surprised us by deciding to be baptized.  That happened this week so that was fun.

I went on exchange with Elder Crankshaw on Friday.  It was really fun to be able to just speak English and he is a really good guy.  We never had any problems because of our lack of Spanish.  It was a good day too.  We taught a bunch of lessons and found some good new investigators.  A pastor for another church saw us walking by and called us over. He had investigated our church and thought highly of it and believes that it isn’t important what church we belong to as long we follow Christ. He had two of his friends with him and told us that they wanted to know more about our church. The two people listened to us and showed genuine interest in what we had to say. The pastor listened to us too, and maybe we can show him that which church you belong to does matter.  I´m always amazed by how we find new investigators.
Someone finally taught me how to use the pump for the font so we had warm water for the first time with this baptism.
I just keep liking Elder Chavez better and better.  He does triathlons and was going to be one of 6 Bolivian athletes to compete in the London Olympics.  He got hit by a car while his was riding his bike and messed up his ankle and lost mobility of his hand until just recently.  Anyway, he thinks it was God’s way of making sure he didn’t miss out on a mission.  He has probably the best attitude of anyone I’ve ever met.

My companion is being transferred to Potosi.  I still have 6 weeks of training so I’ll have another trainer starting Wednesday.  I’m excited to meet him.

Elder Howlett

Elders Howlett and Ruiz at the pizza place near their apartment
P.S.  Romans 5:6-10

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