Monday, June 24, 2013

2013-06-24 It’s cow heart cooked on an open fire.

Hey Everyone,
My new companion is a really good guy.  He is a really good teacher.  It’s fun being the companion who was already in the area and knows it.  I get to make most of the decisions about who we teach and I usually take the lead teaching since I know the investigators and their situations.  I think we have a lot of potential together.  We got 5 commitments to baptism this week.
Elder Howlett's new trainer and Johnny

We had a baptism on Saturday for the 16 year old (Johnny) who started going to church with his friends months ago. Funny story though, I was in the room with the pump with another elder turning it on to fill the font when a pipe exploded and completely soaked us.  We called the other elders in our district and we just took turns holding the pipe together so the font could fill.  We got it full just in time for the baptism and it turned out well.

I watched the training last night but the internet here is terrible so we couldn’t understand the first hour because the audio was really messed up.  I hear we get to start using computers or something though.

The clouds here have to be the coolest in the world.
Last night after the fireside we went to a family’s house for an anticucho barbeque.  It’s cow heart cooked on an open fire.  I didn’t think I would like it but it is the best food I’ve had here.  It had a taste a lot like the meat a Tucanos.

This week I had a great experience with prayer while looking for the house of a reference.  We didn’t have very good instructions about where it was but we had a description of what it looked like.  We found a house that matched the description but we knocked and found out it wasn’t the right house.  After looking for a while longer without any success we decided to say a prayer.  After the prayer the next house we knocked wasn’t it but the owner knew the person we were looking for.  We explained who we are and the owner of the house told us she knew some Mormons and wanted to learn more so we have an appointment with that family and we were able to find the house we were looking for.  The help we get as missionaries is pretty amazing.

Elder Howlett
P.S.  Alma 39:11 be a good example


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