Monday, July 29, 2013

2013-07-29 [I] probably won't ever be the pianist at a wedding again.

Hey everyone,

Sorry I don’t have a ton of time this week.  All the missionaries in the world had to fill out a questionnaire for something.

The news came at 11 o’clock last night.  I will be staying here in Villa Graciela.  My awesome companion is leaving to be a zone leader in Potosí though.  I’m super excited to be staying though.  I will meet my new companion sometime this week.  He has a ton of time in the mission and will be the new district leader here.

Elder Chavez will be the new secretary of records for the mission so I’m super sad that he’s leaving. The offices aren’t too far from here though, so I’ll get to see him every once in a while.  Another American is coming to replace Elder Chavez.

There is a picture of us making funeral potatoes with my dinner pensionista.  We burned the bottom but besides that they turned out well. Ovens just have gas fire and you can’t choose a temperature. Everyone thought they were very good.

My companion dressed up as a homeless person for an activity in another ward to teach about seeing people as they can become not as they are.

My lunch pensionista’s husband was baptized this week.  They were just waiting to get married.  The marriage started half an hour late, what a surprise.  Bigger surprise was that they asked me to play apologize on the piano during the wedding.  (Surprising because Elder Howlett doesn't play the piano.  He learned 2 popular songs by watching YouTube videos before his mission.)  I just played it slowly for about 20 minutes including as they walked down the aisle. Probably won’t ever be the pianist at a wedding again.

Over half of the new missionaries arriving are hermanas (sister missionaries) this cambio.  Pretty crazy.

Elders Olson and Rhoton are leaving but Elder Crankshaw is staying in my district.

I got to go on splits with Elder Rhoton this Tuesday.  Our Spanish is a lot better because we did a lot of door knocking and didn’t have any trouble communicating.

I’ll write a longer letter next week, have an awesome week!

Elder Howlett

P.S. 1 Ne. 4:6

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  1. Looking good Elder Howlett! Much love from the Azores!


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