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2013-08-05 I told him after he serves a mission

Hey Everybody,

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Could you make and send me a list of the birthdays for everyone in our immediate family plus the grandparents plus my aunts.  They have to all be exactly accurate. 

I still love Villa Graciela.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time with the Flores family this week for different things. They go with us to teach a few investigators and we still teach them too because they were baptized less than a year ago.  Arthur (their 16 year old son) wants me to introduce him to Lizzie.  I told him after he serves a mission.  That family is just great and they know I like to try new stuff so they always buy a coke and some new kind of treat when we visit them.  They are also going to have another anticucho barbecue for us in a couple weeks.  They are getting ready to be sealed in the temple too.  I hope it happens this cambio so that I can go.

We were walking to dinner this week and passed a 15-year-old kid who told us that his parrot was stuck on his neighbor’s roof.  Anyway I’m not sure what exactly, but he had some kind of accident and is a little bit handicapped mentally.  Only a little though--mostly he is just awkward socially and has a short attention span. We got his name and address and said we would visit him when we had time.  I visited him yesterday with one of the priests (we still do splits every Sunday) and we found out that he has a friend who is a member that gave him a Book of Mormon.  He has already read a ton of it and told us unsolicitedly that he feels the Spirit whenever he does.  The hard part with him is going to be his parents.  They are Catholic and don’t want to listen to us.  They seem like pretty nice people though, and I think we have a good chance to get their permission to baptize him.

Johnny’s (I think I’ve already told you about him) mom finally told us that she would listen to us.  I’m excited to teach her.  She is always really nice to us when we visit Johnny.  They get us coke or Tampico during every visit which is fun too. 

Sorry there aren’t any pictures, my cameras battery is dead.

People just love to give gifts here.  I have some random stuff from members, investigators, and the pensionistas. I have 2 coke bottles that are replicas of coke bottle from forever ago, some more church shirts, and a giant Bolivian soccer team top hat.

Have a great week and end of the summer

Elder Howlett

P.S.  Alma 26:12

P.P.S. (in response to some of my questions)
We drank mate at Elder Rhoton’s apartment.  He loves it and has gotten really good at making it.  It was served in a wood mate cup.  Yep, we all shared the same mate cup and silver straw.

I really like Hna Eva and her family and her food.  We will probably move in with Hna Eva’s family within a couple weeks. (The pensionista has like a separate apartment thing next to her house.)  We are waiting to have beds and other stuff we need and then we will move. 

I write every day in my journal.  What I brought is already full.  They don’t sell college ruled paper here so I’m stuck using wide ruled which drives me crazy.

The oven is more like a grill.  It looks like an oven but attached to a propane tank.  You can choose how strong the fire is in the bottom but that’s it.

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