Monday, November 11, 2013

2013-11-11 I really hate those ants.

Hey Everybody,

Gerardo and Viqui Vega
We had a pretty good week here.  My companion is having tons of headaches and nosebleeds though so we are going to have to go to the hospital this week to get it checked out.  I do feel like I’ve finally found a few people who are willing to help us out in this ward so I’m excited for that.

We did some service cleaning up the flower patch of our pensionista this week.  Bolivia has some nasty red ants that bite--and it stings.  I accidently stood in a group of these ants and they were all over my leg. The pensionista was really worried and told me to take off my shoe and shake them off my leg.  I only got bit like 3 times.  Then, 10 minutes later, I stuck my hand into a group of the ants and got bit like 50 times.  I hate those ants.

Interesting Bolivia thing... if you compliment someone on their tie, hat, jacket, etc., they will give it to you and it’s rude not to take it.  I have clothes from several Bolivians.

I haven’t been able to visit Jeampierre for a while but we are going tomorrow.

We had a great week with inactive families.  Three entire families came to church on Sunday who haven’t come in the 2 months I’ve been in the area.  They are all accepting visits from us too.

I’ve read my patriarchal blessing a lot since I’ve been here and I’ve loved to see it fulfilled.  I’ve especially noticed the part about my mission but a few other things I’ve also connected with experiences I’ve had here in the mission.  I find a lot of comfort and happiness in some of the promises from my patriarchal blessing. 

Last Monday I went to the cancha with Marco and Anghy.  We went to eat at a chicken place first which was good.  While we were at the cancha, Anghy showed me these little sweet pancake balls (picture).  They are cheap too--10 for 1 boliviano. 
I bought some new ties and a usb drive to back up my photos on. 

It is hot here when we sleep now which I don’t like. I miss air conditioning.  This week it has been hot and sunny instead of rainy. I’m not sure what happened after 2 solid weeks of rain every day.   I hope it comes back.

We are working with the youth a lot to go find inactive youths and their families.  It’s been working well.  

I still miss Villa Graciela, but oh well, we can hang out there when you guys come in 17 months.

Elder Howlett

P.S. 1 Ne. 4:6 (I hope I didn’t already send this one, it’s one of my favorites though, so read it again if I have.)

Also, President sent suggestions/rules for packages.  Less than 4 pounds or it will never get here. Only declare candy, religious stuff, medicine... if you declare something valuable they will steal it. Less than 100 dollars of value or it will never arrive.  You will have to send it this week if you want it to arrive before Christmas and it still might not.


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