Monday, January 6, 2014

2013-12-30 I love that family to death

Hey Everyone,

I had an awesome Christmas this week.   On Christmas Eve the Flores family made ph´am paku and brought it over for dinner.  I pushed the desks and our one table together to make our dinner table.  We had tumbo, peach, and guayaba juices with dinner which were all very good.  I love that family to death and was very happy to be able to spend Christmas Eve with them.  The parents bought me ties, Arthur bought me a wallet and belt.  The girls made me the big sign you can see in the picture.  They told me about 50 times that they don't have money so they couldn't buy me anything.

On Christmas we had baptisms in the zone at 4:00 which we went to and later that night we went to hermana Mercedes' (our pensionista) for a couple hours.  We played with my laser a lot.  I'm really loving that family a lot too.  One day after lunch when my companion was sick, Junior told me all about their life before they were baptized 6 months ago.  They've made massive changes and continue changing and it's great to see.

My companion has not been doing well at all this week which means I've had a ton of time to study and think.

The mission is incredible.  It allows you to think about religion all of the time.  I feel the Spirit all of the time.  I'm able to learn unbelievably quickly.  My mind has never been so clear and sharp.  I want to and am able to make changes to live more in harmony with the gospel as I learn more.  One of the things I've been working on lately is doing good things because it's what God wants.  

I also realize more and more everyday what a huge blessing it is to have the gospel.  People without the gospel not only lack happiness and purpose but they don't even know how to find it.  There is a marked difference between those who have a knowledge of God´s plan--especially an understanding of the Atonement--and those who don't.

Well, I'm out of time but I hope you all have an awesome New Years!  2014 would be a good year to start writing about your important experiences in a journal.  If you have meaningful experiences it would be a waste to forget them.

Elder Howlett

P.S.  Mosiah 27:14


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