Monday, January 13, 2014

2014-01-13 ...because that's just what they do here

Hey Everyone,

I had a great week and a great birthday.  First off, yesterday was cambios and I'm staying in Alamos for a 4th transfer with Elder Melgar who's been my companion since last week.  I'm still district leader and there was not a single change in my district.  I'm happy to be able to stay here in Alamos.  I don't not like changing areas.

My Birthday was awesome.  That afternoon we had a breakthrough with a less active member.  He's going to get things turned around and come back to church. That night my penisonista invited Gerardo and the Hermana missionaries to her house to have dinner all together. We had a ton of really good pique macho.  After that they smashed eggs on my head and covered me in flour because that's just what they do here.  It was a fun evening.

The next day for we had lunch with Gerardo's family and Hermana Viqui (his mom) bought me a cake.  It was actually really nice because I know they don't have much money.  The cake said "Congrats ELMER" which is kinda funny because my name is not Elmer.  The cake was really really good.  It was moist and berry flavored.   Gerardo and his mom had a present for me too.  It's a bag made out of Bolivian fabric... aguayo (or something like that).  We had a really good lesson after lunch about prayer with them and it was a great afternoon.

We ate chicken heart kabobs for lunch on Tuesday. They are a lot better than what they have at Tucanos.

I always feel the Spirit strongly when I give blessings.  I'm amazed at how much easier it has become for me to recognize what it is that I need to say as I give blessings.  Before, I was always worried that I would say something I shouldn't have--but now I always feel good finishing a blessing.  Normally when we teach about priesthood I ask how long it's been since they've received a blessing. The vast majority of members here have never received a priesthood blessing.  It's sad and helps me understand how important the priesthood is.    

I love you all and hope you have a great week.

Elder Howlett

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday Elder Howlett! I'm really glad to see that you got decorated for your birthday. I'm thinking I found a new tradition! ;-)


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