Monday, January 20, 2014

2014-01-20 Being a good example is one of the best ways to participate in the work of salvation.

Hey Everyone,
I love being here in Cochabamba.  I've found that I love Alamos, maybe as much as Villa Graciela.  I am amazed by how quickly I become attached to the people here. 
Things have been a little rough with my companion--he doesn't always want to get out and work and he's not obedient and told me the rules don't matter to him.  Someone's got to be his companion and God chose me for now.  I'm trying to get things working well and things are definitely getting better and not worse.  One of the nice things about the mission is that as long as I do what I can and follow the Spirit I feel good, I don't worry, and I'm happy.  I figure he's my companion for a reason and I should make the most of it.
This week went pretty well.  My companion said he was too sick to leave the house 2 days this week so we did divisions (splits) and left him in the house with a youth while I went out and worked with Gerardo.   We found 15 new investigators this week and got baptismal dates with 5 of them.  They teach us to always try and put a baptismal date by the 2nd lesson but I found it's almost always best to do it in the first visit.  It helps them understand why they are receiving the missionaries when there is some kind of goal they are working toward.
Gerardo took me to visit one of his friends the first day we were together and it went really well and we went and visited them again the 2nd time he was my companion.  We are also teaching his friend's mom and cousin and they are all excited to come to church on Sunday.  I'm excited to be teaching them.
We keep visiting Jeampier but the bishop said something to his brother that upset him and now his brother doesn't come to church so things aren't going as well with them.
I talked to Maria for the first time in months.  She's the one who believes that everything is true but won't do anything because her husband doesn't want her to.  It's still pretty much the same with her but she didn't  say we could go teach her a lesson this week.
There has been tons of rain all week.  It's the heaviest rain I've ever seen.  Last night I got up to go to the bathroom and you have to take a couple steps across the balcony to get there and I was instantly soaked it was raining so hard.
I speak Spanish pretty well now and I read Spanish very well.
I feel pretty blessed that I never get sick here.  Pretty much everyone else does.
The gospel makes people happier and nicer.
I love reading and studying my Patriarchal Blessing. 
I miss family vacations.  Remember when we went to Galveston?  I liked Galveston.
The zone leaders just gave me a packet from the Thompson family but I haven't opened it yet.
Being a good example is one of the best ways to participate in the work of salvation.  It helps with inactive members and non members.  When people think highly of the church and its members, it makes them want to be a part of the church.  When they see members do things they shouldn't it one of the hardest obstacles to overcome.
I hope everyone has an awesome week.
Elder Howlett

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