Monday, March 17, 2014

2014-03-17 Don't forget to pray tonight.

Hey Everyone,

Elder Howlett thinks these candies are funny
Well we had another good week here in Satélite.  We teach a lot more lessons per week here than I did in Alamos.

It's been pretty overcast almost every day since I got here so that's really nice. When there is sun though, it burns me super fast here.

We find tons of new investigators here too.  We teach at least 10 new people every week here.  It's a lot of fun to teach people for the first time.

Today I'm writing late because our zone activity was to go to Betanzos, a little pueblito an hour outside of Potosì.  We were all supposed to meet up to go together but we had to go visit a hospital this morning to give someone a blessing so we missed meeting up with the zone and decided just to take our own bus.  We asked someone which bus it was and they told us and we got on.  Forty minutes later though, we found out we were on our way to Chaqui, some other little pueblito.  We got off out in the middle of nowhere and waited for a different bus to pass that would take us where we needed to go. 
We waited for a long time and it never came by so we flagged down some car and the guy took us to Betanzos.  We got there and weren't sure where the missionaries were.  We tried calling but realized there's no signal in Betanzos.  We took some pictures, bought some food, and got on a bus to go back to Potosì. We went to a restaurant and had the best pique macho I've had.  The meat was like good steak. 

My companion and I get along really well.  I like him better every day which is good because normally I like my companions less as the time passes.

This week a really hard investigator, Jose Puma, told us he'd gotten an answer to his prayers that the church is true.  He been talking to missionaries since his family got baptized 5 years ago.  That's really exciting.  His baptism is set for the 12th of April.

Yesterday we were on divisions with ward members for 5ish hours.  I was with Esbeld, who's 24 and getting ready to leave on his mission.  He's a really nice guy and was baptized less than 3 years ago.  We gave a blessing of health to an inactive sister in the ward and it was the first time he'd given a blessing.  She felt the Spirit strongly as we gave the blessing and told us afterward.  That really impressed Esbeld and got him excited to go on divisions again.

I hope everyone has a great week!  Don't forget to pray tonight.
Elder Howlett

P.S. John 6:38

P.P.S right: guyaba fruit.  Super sweet and it tastes good.  I had it as juice but this is the first time I've eaten the fruit.

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