Monday, March 24, 2014

2014-03-24 I love it here and I’m going to be very sad when I have to leave.

2014-03-24 I love it here and I’m going to be very sad when I have to leave. 

Hey Everybody,

I’ve had another awesome week here in Satèlite, Potosì.  Everyone is willing to listen to us.  We are teaching as many lessons per week as I ever have in my mission.

This week we got to do a lot of divisions with people in the ward.  We spent all of Thursday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons in divisions.  We had a pretty good experience on Saturday with it.  One of the 2 people who were supposed to go with us bailed and we really needed someone else because we had booked double appointments.  We called a bunch of people and couldn't get anyone to help us.  We said a prayer about it and 2 minutes later as we stood in the street trying to decide what to do, Jhamil, a less active youth, came walking down the street,  He stopped and talked to us and we asked him if he could accompany us.  He agreed to go with me for all 4 hours we needed which is really impressive since he barely comes to church.  I had a great time talking to him as we walked between visits and it worked out perfectly.

This week was a multi-zone conference.  It was for all of the missionaries in Potosì and the Tupiza zone also came to Potosì for the conference.  They got into town at 3 am and 4 of them came to our house.  It was pretty crowded with 8 missionaries in the apartment.  The conference started at 9 am.  I got chosen again to teach a practice lesson as part of the conference just like I have in every single conference I've attended since arriving.  This time our zone leaders forgot to tell us ahead of time though so we just had to wing it.  It went alright though since it was about the book of Mormon.  The food was terrible this time though.  I don’t know what happened.

You can buy a meal here from just about any restaurant for 5 to 15 bolivianos which is 75 cents to two dollars.  Lots of times I by food on my way home for the night.  I really like salchipapas, french fries and sausage with sauce and milanesa de pollo, chicken pounded into a big circle and battered and fried.

My companion is a pretty cool guy.  He was only baptized 3 years ago and he’s 25 years old. 
This week I’m going to hit the 1 year mark.  I can’t believe how fast it feels like this year has passed.  I love it here and I’m going to be very sad when I have to leave.  Luckily I've still got 1 more year.

Love you all and hope you’re going to the temple as often as you can.

Elder Howlett

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