Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2014-06-09 The first thing he asked me is what he can do to prepare himself to be baptized.

Hey Everyone,

I'm still having a blast in Potosì but it's really, really cold.  I was going to take a shower this morning but then I didn't since our pipes are frozen and so there is no water in the house.

my area (Satèlite,Potosì)
We had 9 investigators at church which is good.  One of the things I like about how it's going here is that we have presence in the area.  Lots of people seem to know who we are and so we are always talking to people we run into on the street.  I think it helps that my companion and I've been together for 4 months. People have gotten used to seeing us around.

the Quintanilla family--we ate lunch with them on Saturday--they are active members
We went to Bancario again for English classes.  It's also fun that everyone at the school has gotten to know us. I got to play basketball for a couple minutes with a bunch of 15-year-olds for a few minutes between classes.  It's  also going well with one of the guys, Rodrigo, who we met there.  He's come to church the last 3 weeks and is really excited to get baptized.  His date is the 28th of this month.  He was literally the first person at church from our ward.  We got there 10 minutes before it started and he was sitting there waiting. It's really impressive since I truly don't think I've ever seen more than a dozen people there on time.  I sat down with him and the first thing he asked me is what he can do to prepare himself to be baptized.  After church we taught him a lesson and put a baptismal date.
 my pensionista, Roselin's, family (minus her oldest daughter)
So Erik and Jose Maria hopefully will get baptized this Saturday.  Its going great with Erik.  He finally told us this week that he thinks God has answered his prayers that the Church is true.  He said it's a sureness he feels in his body (it sounds a lot nicer in Spanish than it did after I translated it to English).  As he told us, I felt the Spirit strongly and I'm sure that he does have a testimony.  He also told us this week that last week he went and bought mate to replace the tea he used to drink.  Jose Maria seems a little bit less sure but still says he wants to be baptized.  We are working hard with him this week to help him be more sure. Their mom is already a member but their dad isn't.  He seems like a nice enough guy and is fine with his family being in the church but just doesn't want to listen to us.  

ajipa--They say it's a fruit but I'm not so sure.  You just eat
it raw.  It basically tastes like a raw potato but sweet,

We also met Jose and Erik's adult sister this week.  We had an appointment with their mom but she wasn't there so we called her and she said that she was at the hospital with her daughter who had just given birth. She also said that they'd be in her daughter's house that afternoon and we could come by later that day.  She told us where her daughter lived and we went.  We taught the mom with her daughter and 4 kids including the 1-day- old baby.  I thought about how mom would have wanted to hold the baby.  Her daughter seems really nice and we taught her twice this week and she says she'll come to church on Sunday.

Cambios are in 1 week and President told us that 1 of us will leave.  My companion has more time in the area and will probably be the one to go but it makes me nervous that President said one of us instead of just that my companion will go.  I sure hope I get to stay.

Suzana will also get baptized this Saturday if her mom gives permission.  She has been going to church every week for over 3 months and has wanted to be baptized for over 2 months.  We've been putting it off because we wanted her family to get baptized together but they aren't progressing at all so we are going to go ahead now and hope the family comes around somewhere down the road.
me with Victor
It's going very well with Victor Castro.  He's 15 and this week we had 2 visits with him and he's doing well with praying and reading in his scriptures.  He also went with me on divisions on Saturday night.  While we walked between visits, we talked a little bit about the mission and he told us he plans on serving a mission. He was also very willing to participate in the lessons which the young men are usually a little apprehensive to do the first time or two they go out to visit with us.  He also went to seminary this morning like he'd said he would.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  Be sure and go to the temple this week.  You'll feel great if you do. There is nothing that helps me clear my mind and be content with life like going to the temple does.

Elder Howlett

P.S.  D&C 76:19, Enos 1:3-5  Pondering on the gospel seems to invite the presence of the Spirit and enhance our ability to communicate with God. 

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