Monday, June 16, 2014

2014-06-16 baptisms for 3 people we found and taught together

Hey Everyone,

Well, I'm staying another 8 weeks here in Satèlite.  My companion, Elder Severiano, is going back to Cochabamba.  I'm happy that I get to stay but I'm sad to see Elder Severiano go.  I'll miss him. 

This was a great week.  It went very well with the 3 baptisms--Erik, Jose Maria, and Suzana.  I baptized Jose Maria and Suzana, my companion baptized Erik.  Their families all came and we had over 50 people in attendance.  I'm very excited for them.

Suzana with her mom and brother

We've been teaching Suzana and her family since my first transfer here in Potosì.  She's gone to church almost every week for nearly 4 months.  Her mom had been gone for a long time helping her own parents a long ways out of the city but I think she is finally going to be staying here in Potosì for a while.  I hope that she will also be baptized soon.

We first talked to Jose Maria and Erik during my first transfer here too.  We talked to them in the street though and then couldn't find their house.  A month after first talking to them, we ran into Erik on a trufi and were finally able to find their house.  We've visited them 3 times a week for a month and a half.  

helping shovel dirt at Jose Maria and Erik's house
It was a great way to end my time 
with Elder Severiano--baptisms for 3 people we found and taught together. This has probably been my favorite transfer of the mission.  It was short, but everything went very well. We have a lot of good investigators and I'm really enjoying my time here.  It also feels great to have baptisms again. I love the Spirit I feel in baptisms.  It makes me very happy to see people find the gospel and see the difference it makes in their lives.  There's nothing better for someone than the gospel. We finally got some baptisms here in Potosì and we have 4 more that are pretty sure for the 28th of this month.

One of those is Kevin.  Things have been going a lot better this past week with him.  He came for all 3 hours of church on Sunday and to the baptism.  He also has been praying regularly and is a lot more receptive in our lessons.  He told me after the baptisms on Saturday that he's sure he wants to get baptized now.

Rodrigo also came to the baptism on Saturday and we had a couple good lessons with him this week.  He has some problems with the Word of Wisdom but really wants to change and is also excited to be baptized on the 28th.  He's already come to church 4 times.

with Primitiva and Angel (Castro family)
Hermana Carmen is recovering well from her surgery in Sucre and will come back as soon as the blockades are gone so she can travel.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer.  Go to the temple and say a prayer while you're there.

Elder Howlett

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