Monday, June 23, 2014

2014-06-23 don't just not do it...because you're feeling lazy.

Hey Everyone,

This was another good week here in Satèlite.  My new companion is Elder Asqui.  He's very different from Severiano and I've never really liked meeting new people but things are going fine.  Pamela, Claudia, Kevin, and Rodrigo all came to church on Sunday which is important since they are supposed to be baptized on Saturday.
Pamela and Claudia told us for the first time this week that they'd both decided they want to be baptized. That was exciting.  We went over the interview questions with them and everything seems to be in order. They've been coming to church every week on their own without us having to remind them.

Rodrigo has also decided to be baptized, and during our lesson on Friday told us he had received an answer from God that the church is true.  That made me very happy.  He got to church almost half an hour early this week. The rest of our ward got there about half an hour late.

On Thursday we went to Sucre for our last conference with President Dyer.  He leaves on Friday.  It was pretty good.  That's where they are dressed up like Bolivians.  Hermana Dyer's last talk was about choosing who to marry. They also read a letter from our new mission president.  President Hansen is from San Diego. He was a lawyer who mostly defended Geico insurance.  He's a BYU grad and a big BYU fan.

Sucre had great weather while we were there--overcast and a lot more humid than Potosì and probably about 65 degrees.  I wouldn't mind going there when I leave Potosì.

Manuel went to do visits with us again this week and he did a really good job teaching a part of the Plan of Salvation this time.  He's been to church almost every week for over 2 months now.

I don't remember if I told you about Richard and Rita before, but they finally came to church this week.  I've been teaching them since I got here.  Rita's not a member, her husband Richard is.

Well, don't forget to say your prayers every day.  And also don't just not do it, even though you remember, because you're feeling lazy.  Praying is important.  If you don't, one day you will feel bad about it. 

Elder Howlett

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