Friday, October 3, 2014

2014-09-22 We didn't start that late...

Hey Everyone,
This week was awesome.   

First of all, yesterday was cambios.  I'm staying in Colcapirhua with Elder Delgadillo.  I'm fine with that.  We are doing very well.  There were quite a few changes in the zone.  I think 6 of the 20 missionaries were changed.  Only one ward in the zone didn't have any missionaries changed.

Also it was Luis Miguel´s baptism.  It went really well.  We didn't start that late and a lot of people from the ward came.  His mom and godfather also came which was awesome.  His mom was all dressed up and ready to go when we passed by their house to pick them up.  The baptism went smoothly and Luis bore a powerful testimony to finish the program.  He talked about how the church has changed his life and about how grateful he is that God forgives our sins.  I felt the presence of the Spirit strongly as he spoke.

He also brought Wilfredo who lives in a different room on the same lot where he lives.  I sat with Wilfredo before and after the baptism and we got to talk quite a bit.  He seems great and very interested in the church.  He's in the picture of everyone at the baptism standing next to my companion.  He came to church yesterday too and said he liked it.  We have our first lesson with him on Wednesday.

Everything is set for Kevin's baptism on Saturday.  His whole family is going to come and Kevin is very excited.  I hope that going to the baptism will help the family to want to come to church.

I went on exchanges to my old area, Alamos, this week.  That was a lot of fun.  We went to visit the Parra family.  Abigail wasn't there but everyone else was.  They are on the 5th of 7 lessons for temple prep.  Hopefully their sealing will be in about 3 weeks.

Elder Howlett's chapel
Jhenny came to church with her member friend from a different ward yesterday.  I think I wrote you a couple weeks ago about how we felt prompted to knock a door on our way to lunch.  That day we met Liseth who is Jhenny's younger sister.  Well now I understand even more why we had that prompting.  Jhenny enjoyed church and is going to come see the baptism on Saturday.

This week we found Hermana Roxana.  She listened to the missionaries quite a while ago and got baptized but never was confirmed.  I'm not really sure why but she's excited to come back to church and talk to us and we've started teaching her again.  The plan is to have her confirmed (and maybe baptized again, if president says she needs it) on the 11th of October.

Go to the temple.  It's a better use of your time than just about any other thing.  Get someone else to go with you too.  People who go to the temple make better choices.

Elder Howlett

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