Sunday, October 5, 2014

2014-09-29 "Of course, I want to hear the prophet's voice."

Hey Everyone,
This week went great!  Kevin got baptized and it was a great baptism--well attended and spiritual.  His entire family came too.

He's probably one of the most prepared investigators I've ever baptized.  He bore an awesome testimony in his baptism too.  He talked about how sure he is that this is the true church.

His mom and brother came to church the next day too.   They liked it and asked us to visit them on Tuesday.  I hope they get baptized too.  The problem is that the mom is probably going back to Spain in a couple weeks.

Wilfredo is the friend of Luis who was baptized last week.  He came to church again this Sunday and is the best investigator ever.  The first time we went to visit him he had already read the first pamphlet and starting with the introduction had read up to chapter 3 of First Nephi in the Book of Mormon.  We talked about President Monson on Saturday and when we asked if he'd go to General Conference, he told us, "Of course, I want to hear the prophet's voice."  On Sunday, he told us that God had responded to his prayers and he knows he needs to be baptized.  His baptismal date is for the 18th of October. 

Luis Miguel was ordained a teacher on Sunday and is excited to pass the sacrament.  He showed up early for his interview on Tuesday and is doing great.  Also his mom sat in on a lesson again this week and told us that she likes how we pray.  Hopefully she bends one of these days and joins the church too.

Susana´s (from Potosì) older sister, Fabiola, was baptized on Saturday and their mom has gone to church a couple times and hopefully will be baptized in the coming weeks.

The Parra family finished the temple prep. classes on Sunday and is going to choose their sealing date now.

On Wednesday we had to take Elder Callahua to pick up the new missionary that he was going to train.  They had a short training up by the Jesus statue so we got to go up there on Wednesday morning and it was really cool.  It was early so it was a great temperature and president gave a good little talk.  He talked about the prepared people who aren't members of this church only because they haven't had the chance.  I think Wilfredo is one of those people.

It turns out that the father of the Fernandez family doesn't have records in the church so he needs to be baptized.  He wants to be baptized but he chews coca so we are working on that right now and once he leaves his coca he can get baptized.

I love being a missionary!  It's so awesome.  This is the true church, there is no other and I'm sure of that.  Have an awesome week.  Help your friends be strong in the gospel.

Elder Howlett

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